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Create, Deploy, and Scale High-Performance Real-Time Server Clusters

VikingIO is an application framework and fully managed infrastructure as a service for creating an authoritative multiplayer game backend or real-time data processing application.

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Cross-platform client SDK

Coming Soon!


Use our simple client and server SDK and framework to create your custom authoritative network game logic.

The VikingIO framework is built on top of our proprietary Reliable UDP protocol enabling efficient binary communication. The configurable VikingIO Peer allocates zero memory during runtime and runs the core network processing in a background thread.

The VikingIO Cloud Platform supports any type of custom authoritative multiplayer game architecture with unlimited concurrent players; limited only by your gameplay and resources allocated.

Simple Server Example

VPeer server = new VPeer("my-server-protocol"); 
VEvent ev = server.AcquireEvent();
VStream buffer = server.AcquireStream();

while (true) {
	while (server.Read(ev, buffer)) {
		switch (ev.EventType) {
			case VEventType.Data:
				Console.WriteLine("Data received, bytes: " + buffer.NumBytes);

			case VEventType.Connected:
				Console.WriteLine("Client connected! " + ev.Address);  

			case VEventType.Disconnected:
			  Console.WriteLine("Client disconnected! " + ev.Address);   



Use our command line tool to create and deploy your servers and necessary data to the VikingIO platform.

Your servers are deployed via a single git push to our build server where they are compiled and packaged up for easy deployment.

Manage SSH keys and easily add collaborators using our command line tool or web platform.

Servers using the VikingIO Cloud Proxy can be updated and restarted without dropping active connections.

Terminal deploy


Monitor and scale the server resources allocated to your server processes using our web dashboard.

Logs from all server processes are aggregated into a real-time and historically searchable stream.

Each server process is executed on an independent VPS with resources that can usually be scaled in real-time. Learn more

Deployments can be replicated to a mixture of regions including US East, US West, Europe, and Asia; allowing you to host master servers in a single region and gameplay servers in specific regions.